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Some people say "it doesn't matter". We say "it does".

The essentials

Comfort and safety are just a few of the many priorities we have tried to incorporate into the facility and into its every day operations. Our list of essential amenities includes everything we feel every top quality barn should offer to its guests and customers. Many of these amenities are only offered as extras - or not at all - at other barns.

What makes our facility special? View our videos:

Landmark Farm's Arenas
Landmark Farm's Padocks

  • Indoor Arena
    The spacious indoor school with its special non-freezing footing, dust control system and mirrors, is a joy to ride in any time of year.
  • Outdoor Arena
    Our regulation size outdoor is a nice alternative to training in the indoor arena during the summer months.
  • Paddocks (Turnouts)
    A critical componenet for all quality stables. Seventeen all wooden paddocks means safe and comfortable turnout for our equine guests.
  • Stalls
    Nineteen specially designed stalls are available at landmark farms. Each of our stalls is well lit and ventilated, and includes a window, a large shared fan, and rubber flooring.
  • Cleanliness
    We feel excellent cleanliness must be a top priority for every quality equine facility. Every horse's stalls are thoroughly cleaned daily and rebedded with premium shavings, twice a day if they cannot go out due to inclement weather. Each horse has its own individual water bucket(s) and feed tub. Our water buckets are emptied and scrubbed every day, and our water buckets and feed pans are disinfected weekly. We stick to this schedule 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Crossties
    There are two formal crossties (one at ether end of the barn). Both are well illuminated, have rubber flooring and built-in vacuums. They are conveniently placed near the tack rooms for ease of access.
  • Wash Stall
    Our wash stall has plenty of light, hot and cold water, rubber flooring, and radiant heaters. This make our wash stall a very popular essential at landmark farms.
  • Therapy Room
    With the invention of advanced diagnostic equipment such as digital ultrasound and digital x-ray machines that are temperature sensitive it became essential that Landmark Farms have an area that was temperature controlled. Our Therapy room fits that need perfectly.
  • Stable Schedule
    Observing an organized schedule for almost everything we do is a trademark of excellence within our stable. Because horses are calmer and happier when a disciplined schedule is adhered to, we make it a priority to keep our stable very structured and timely.
  • Feed
    Not only is what we feed your horse important, but also how we feed your horse can be just as important. The day begins at 7 a.m. with the first of four feedings and doesn’t end until the last feeding at 8 p.m. Our custom feeding program has many options that is tailored to fit each horse’s individual needs.
  • Staff
    Without a well trained, dedicated staff with an eye for detail, all the things on our lists would be for naught. The staff at Landmark Farms is all of that and more.
  • Security System
    We understand that nothing is more important than your unique equine partner. Thanks to our premium security system, you can sleep soundly knowing your horse and equipment is safe and secure.

The Extras

Landmark Farm's Stable offers many extras which are not available at many equine facilities. As you explore equine facility options, you will find one stable's "extras" are another stable's “we don’t have that wish we did”. Our list below contains some of the "bells and whistles" that we, and other top stables around the world, offer as extra comforts and conveniences to their patrons.

  • Observation Room
    Our observation room is equipped with thirty feet of Plexiglas windows allows which for a relaxing view of the indoor school. Heated for winter and air-conditioned in the summer, this room is full of comforts and was difficult not to put on the essentials list.

  • Wifi
    Free wifi with fast internet is available throughout our property.

  • Tack Rooms
    Two temperature-controlled tack rooms located close to the crossties help make tacking-up and untacking convenient.
  • Laundry Room
    Dirty saddle pads and leg wraps? No problem, we have a room for that!
  • Restrooms
    Like everything else at Landmark Farms, cleanliness is a given. We have two restrooms at Landmark farms. The first is handicap assessable and is located off the isleway. The second and larger adjoins the observation room and includes a shower.
  • Locker Room
    When you need a little extra personal storage space, a locker is very nice thing to have.
  • Blanketing and Storage
    Making sure the right blanket or sheet is on your horse according to the season or weather is an extra we provide to all of clients. Storage for additional wear is available.
  • Trails
    If you should decide to go for a short trail ride, we offer groomed paths situated behind the barn which go through our beautiful woods.
  • Grass Riding Areas
    For that change of venue that is occasionally needed in every training program we suggest riding on one of our carefully manicured grass areas. 
  • Grooming And Clipping
    Your horse is groomed twice a day allowing us the ability to inspect and monitor every horse closely insuring optimal health care. Keeping your horse looking its best by clipping them is an added perk we provide.
  • Fly Spray System
    This system distributes a very fine mist of a horse safe insecticide at specific intervals through special spray nozzles to control harmful flying and biting insects in and around the facility.
  • Non Slip Isleway Floor
    Specialized grooves cut into the concrete floor help to reduce slipping and possible injury.

 The nice touches

  • Landscaping
    We take pride in creating a beautiful, attractive facility, and that includes much attention given to our landscaping for you to enjoy.


"I have owned and showed horses for over 20 years, and Landmark has proven time and time again to be the best and most professional facility I have boarded at. From the daily care and attention to detail provided by an attentive and well trained staff, extensive horse health care knowledge, and the extra mile they go to make sure that all horses are healthy, happy, and cared for by the region’s best veterinarians, farriers, and horse care providers, it is easy to say that I could not take better care of my horses if they were in my own barn."

Kristy Rans

Getting Started

Landmark Farms offers a comprehensive program for both horse and rider. We have many training options available. We are able to handle all of your needs whether you would like to improve your position or are aiming for high level FEI competition.
(Read more).

Dressage Training

The key to our success has been finding out how the horse prefers to work, and what makes them happiest. This involves getting them comfortable in their training and, equally important, their mind and body. If your horse is comfortable and happy, they will not only work for you but with you. (Read more).

Wellness and Therapy

Landmark farms offers the greater equine community of horse owners and trainers a unique level of service, that until recently, was unavailable locally.

From high performance equine athletes to back yard pets, we are here to service your needs. Whether your horse requires therapy, rehabilitation, pain management or fitness, our professional and coordinated approach to equine sports medicine will restore your horse to its maximum potential. (Read more).






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