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The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Having safe and well-built stalls complimented with a liberal amount of premium wood shavings covering a beautiful rubber-matted floor, but no personnel to clean them serves no purpose. Having the best feed and feeding program but no one there to give the horse their food is a complete waste. Having the best facility with all the amenities and beautful grass pastures surrounded by wood fencing, but no one to attend to the horses or turn them out, accomplishes nothing. The importance of our reliable and highly competent staff can never be understated.

Kimberly Sullivan

I first met Kim Sullivan in 2008 while teaching clinics in the St. Louis area. She was a participating rider and working on putting together a good second level test. I taught in St. Louis almost every month, and for two years she continually asked to come be a member of our team. This fact is a tribute to her tenacity and seriousness as a trainer, and we are priviledged to have her working with us at Landmark Farms. We have benefitted immensely from her very high capabilities ever since.

Kim is Landmark’s barn manager and assistant trainer, specializing in developing young horses.  She brought her off the track thoroughbred, Saturday Night Special, up the levels to Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I, earner her bronze medal, and is successfully competing her young horse Artizan, at Second Level.   Kim helps run the day to day operations of the farm by supervising the clipping, fecal exams, ordering of grain and supplies, and the care and turn-out of horses at shows among many other tasks.  Kim began riding at the age of 7, teaching at 14, working in barns at 16, and graduated from the University of Findlay with degrees in Equestrian Studies and Equine Business Management. She brings her many years of experience and practical horsemanship skills to add to the expertise and professionalism of our team at Landmark.

Evelyn Cutshall

Evelyn Cutshall was dedicated to the operations of Landmark Farms since its conception.

She was involved in the original building planning, as well as the business design. Evelyn’s concern was for the well-being of every horse in Landmark Farm's care and was a driving force in the training of employees, and the construction of our facilities, paddocks and gates - the list go’s on and on. Evelyn was heavily involved in researching our equipment purchases. Recently the lay-up care facilities were researched by her and she actively oversaw the equipment installation.

She was responsible for much of the supply purchasing as well as the accounting and financial oversight of our operations. As if all of the above weren't enough, probably her most important job was providing counsel on all matters at Landmark and strongly encouraging a family atmosphere for our staff and clients.

She was always a consummate reader on all things related to horse health and treatment and was the “ go-to” person in Brad's absence.

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is Landmark Farms jack-of-all-trades. We haven’t yet come across anything he cannot fix.  We aren’t sure how long he has been with us, and we don’t know how Landmark could function without him.  Not only can he handle a hot horse, but also can handle the hottest of hot sauces. His great sense of responsibility and willingness to help no matter the task mean that he’s often on the job before you know something needs to be done.  An eye for detail, dependability, and great horse sense make him an ideal employee.  Every farm needs a Jorge.

Jorge has been with us long enough to be considered family. I would rather not think of a time that we didn't have him working at landmark. He would happily work seven days a week and practically has to be forced in to take time off. Jorge is extremely dedicated and always puts the needs of the horses first.

Successful companies are comprised of dedicated individuals with unique talents, who can excel individually as well as compliment the team. You will find this at Landmark Farms each and every day.

Getting Started

Landmark Farms offers a comprehensive program for both horse and rider. We have many training options available. We are able to handle all of your needs whether you would like to improve your position or are aiming for high level FEI competition.
(Read more).

Dressage Training

The key to our success has been finding out how the horse prefers to work, and what makes them happiest. This involves getting them comfortable in their training and, equally important, their mind and body. If your horse is comfortable and happy, they will not only work for you but with you. (Read more).

Wellness and Therapy

Landmark farms offers the greater equine community of horse owners and trainers a unique level of service, that until recently, was unavailable locally.

From high performance equine athletes to back yard pets, we are here to service your needs. Whether your horse requires therapy, rehabilitation, pain management or fitness, our professional and coordinated approach to equine sports medicine will restore your horse to its maximum potential. (Read more).






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