Superior Performance From Enhanced Health

We offer an ideal setting for horses to relax and recuperate. The stalls are large, light and airy, with expansive views. We concentrate on soft tissue injuries including suspensory tears, as well as hoof and bone problems.

We incorporate the use of our fully built-in Thera plate system to stimulate blood circulation to increase the chances of a successful recovery, as well as keeping the horses in good overall condition. We also specialize in longlining (double lunging), which is a very effective way to get horses back into work, without having to have a rider on their backs.

We maintain the highest levels of safety for your horse, using only the very safest equipment. Feeding is spread out over 4 times during the day, and we can give medications and supplements if required.

We have a highly dedicated staff offering very personalized care, and the horses seem to relax and feel at home very quickly here at Landmark Farms.

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General Rehab

Depending on the injury or medical issue, we develop a program specifically designed to target the problem. Our equipment has been used in Europe and the US for a number of years with great success. It has a proven track record for tendon and ligament injuries, as well as bone related problems, and colic.

Fitness and Injury Prevention

We also have a program for training and fitness which is specifically for horses who have been at rest for a while, or have had a lay-up time, and who need to be made fit again. We also use this program for horses that are already in full training as a form of injury prevention, thus eliminating in many cases the need for medications and injections.

We work closely with your veterinarian, farrier and other equine health professionals to provide the best healing regiment possible for each individual horse. The veterinarians that we work with provides the most advanced forms of veterinary science (Stem Cell, IRAP, PRP, shock wave therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.) and are experts in the field of lameness. The best care and treatment options will be available to your equine athlete and your horse will be back to competition as quickly and safely as possible!

Medical Lay-Up

Landmark can provide the needed care in some of the more extreme care cases requiring daily observation, wound care, administration of medications, bandage changing plus other required assistance for your horse as required by the veterinarian. Our Medical Lay-Up program is also for those horse owners that cannot provide the extra needs for a horse that can be discharged from a hospital, yet still needs attention several times a day.

Our specialized equipment provides unique opportunities for you and your vet
to maximize your horse's healing.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound is a passive, non-invasive therapy where thermal waves are produced from the pressure of vibrations transmitted into soft tissue.

Physiologic Effects:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces swelling
  • Softens scar tissue
  • May increase collagen production to accelerate healing


  • Pain management
  • Muscle spasms
  • Break up scar tissue
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Tissue Healing

Game Ready

Our Game Ready  unit combines the benefits of cold and compression therapy in one easy to use system. Cold therapy has been shown to reduce muscle spasms and pain, decrease swelling, reduce bleeding and decreases the metabolic rate of tissue damaging enzymes. Compression therapy is used to mimic the natural muscle contractions that encourage the reduction of swelling and edema, as well as driving the cold deeper into the muscles and tendons. Game Ready™ Equine was developed with the help of veterinarians and the United States Equestrian Team (USET) using proprietary NASA spacesuit technology and was based on a similar product used by more than 90 pro sports teams, 500 professional athletes, and 160 universities nationwide.

Physiologic Effects:

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Decreases pain
  • Minimizes swelling


  • Post-workout therapy
  • Lameness
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Bowed tendons
  • Stocked-up legs
  • Wind puffs
  • Injury prevention
  • Ligament strains, sprains and tears
  • Tendon strains, sprains and tears

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic lasers produce electromagnetic radiation that stimulates individual cells to revitalize and reactivate their own natural healing process.  Light is absorbed in irradiated tissue by specific biomolecules to alter nerve conduction, change blood flow circulation, increase the metabolism of serotonin, enhance the production of ATP within cells and accelerate tissue healing.

Physiologic Effects:

  • Stimulates fibroblasts and collagen formation to accelerate healing
  • Accelerates cell division
  • Improves efficiency of white blood cells
  • Stimulates new blood vessel formation


  • Open wounds/non-healing wounds
  • Soft tissue injuries (ligaments and tendons)
  • Post-surgical healing
  • Pain management
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle soreness
  • Laminitis
  • Navicular
  • Acupuncture


A horse solarium is a system of multiple large red lamps emitting infrared (IR) rays, a form of heat radiation.

Physiologic Effects:

  • Increase in circulation and muscle elasticity
  • Promotes relaxation of back muscles
  • Decreases pain
  • Reduces chronic inflammation
  • May strengthen immune system


  • Muscle spasms
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Back pain

The Equiband System

The Equiband  system consists of a saddle pad and two specially designed rubber bands which stimulate skin receptors and encourages the horse to activate specific muscles to raise and round the back and engage the hindquarters.
Physiologic Effects:

  • Stimulates the receptors in skin and hair follicles to activate its abdominal, sublumbar, and deep neck and back muscles to create a more rounded frame for movement
  • Strengthens the horse’s core musculature, making it easier to work in a round frame and reducing the risk of back injury


  • Back pain
  • Conditioning and training
  • Post-surgical reconditioning
  • Maintaining spinal mobility and strength


TheraPlate uses small, circular movements to stimulate muscle contraction and increase circulation. Works from the inside out to yield powerful results with no negative impact to the joints. This dynamic movement is exclusive to TheraPlate and is much more advanced than standard vibration therapy.


  • Increases circulation
  • Increases bone density
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Reduces injuries and pain
  • Faster healing
  • Improves joint health and function
  • Improves balance
  • Decreases lameness
  • Prevents bucked shins
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases hoof growth
  • Increases digital cushion circulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) uses a pulsating electrical current to direct the movement of muscles, tendons and ligaments through the replication of the natural motor nerve impulses. FES has been shown to be the most effective type of electrical stimulation in reducing the stress and strain of training, as well as rehabilitating injuries and has been used in physical therapy, wound healing and spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

VetCheq  Systems

Vet Cheq is a single device that, when placed on the horse’s leg, provides remote, continuous, non-invasive, real-time monitoring of pulse, blood pressure, respiration, hydration, and hemorrhaging. Unlike other blood pressure and heart rate devices, VetCheq provides central blood pressure and EKG quality heart rate infomation.Data is transmitted via Bluetooth, cellular, or Wi-Fi to smartphones, tablets, or PCs, making proximity of the horse to a veterinarian or caregiver irrelevant.


InfraHorse is a thermal imaging tool used to quickly spot possible problems or sore areas in horses. It is helpful in potentially identifying saddle fitting issues. If your horse is going through a healing process, InfraHorse can be used to check on the injury and monitor the healing process. Images can be saved for comparison and reference and are easily sent to your regular veterinarian by text or email for further evaluation.


  • Joint Maintenance
  • Injury Monitoring
  • Saddle fitting issues

Getting Started

Landmark Farms offers a comprehensive program for both horse and rider. We have many training options available. We are able to handle all of your needs whether you would like to improve your position or are aiming for high level FEI competition.
(Read more).

Dressage Training

The key to our success has been finding out how the horse prefers to work, and what makes them happiest. This involves getting them comfortable in their training and, equally important, their mind and body. If your horse is comfortable and happy, they will not only work for you but with you. (Read more).

Wellness and Therapy

Landmark farms offers the greater equine community of horse owners and trainers a unique level of service, that until recently, was unavailable locally.

From high performance equine athletes to back yard pets, we are here to service your needs. Whether your horse requires therapy, rehabilitation, pain management or fitness, our professional and coordinated approach to equine sports medicine will restore your horse to its maximum potential. (Read more).






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