The Will to Win Means Nothing Without the Will to Prepare

We at Landmark Farms understand that for various people who have busy lifestyles or demanding careers the thought of going to a show is less than appealing or even stressful. The interaction those riders have with their horses, and the training achievements they accomplish outside the show ring, are to them incredibly rewarding and satisfying, therefore showing isn't necessary..

There are many who find riding down the centerline “Thrilling and Intense”. Some people use competing as a scale to measure (as expressed by the judges) how successful their training efforts are outside the ring. Many times the thought of going to a show and being critiqued by one’s peers is the positive motivation that drives people to ride to the best of their abilities.

Gold Medal - Competitors

With over 30 years of competition experience and more than 200 upper level championships - a majority of them being at the Grand Prix - Brad Cutshall has the expertise and knowhow to help you be successful and reach all your riding goals.

A large number of victories have come from the many students of all ages and all levels that train or have trained with Brad. Throughout the years his students have earned multiple Regional championships and Reserve championships at the lower and upper levels.  In 2004 Landmark Farms’ horses swept the Region 4 championships at the upper level by winning the Prix St. George, Interm├ędiaire I, Interm├ędiaire II, and Grand Prix championships.

Adult Amateurs - Encouraging and Perfecting

Adult Amateurs make up the majority of competitors today, and have played a sizeable roll in Landmark Farms' successes.  From Training Level through Grand Prix, Brad’s students have won numerous championships, placed in the top ten at Regionals, and won year-end awards from breed associations as well as earned their USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

Young Riders - Supporting our Future

Young riders represent the future of dressage.  Brad’s younger students have been selected to be on both Junior and Young Rider teams for their regions, have won Medals at NJYRC, won championships, placed in the top ten at Regionals, and placed in the top 5 at Medal Seat Finals. One of our junior riders, Clair McNulty, achieved the individual Gold Medal at the 2015 NJYRC championships held in Kentucky, and received a silver medal in the freestyle.


Whatever your motivation or goals, Landmark Farms is here to help you achieve success.

Our services are designed to make your competition experiences more gratifying and rewarding:

  • Many people consider dressage shows to be a mini vacation and enjoy sleeping in, eating out, sightseeing and watching their fellow competitors. Full or partial care and grooming from our qualified staff can help enhance your competition experiences.
  • “Having your horse or horses transported to an event is money well spent and just one less thing to worry about” according to some of today’s horse owners. We offer limited shipping in our air ride and video equipped rig for those people who don’t want the hassle and inconvenience of doing it themselves.
  • Training for both you and your horse prior to and during the competitions is offered and encouraged to increase your optimum chance for success. A majority of people feel that this service is by far the most important or critical in helping them reach their riding objective.
  • Picking the appropriate competition based on you and your horses' goals and experience level is critical for your success. Landmark Farms has the insight to help with your competition strategy.


“Brad is a true example of a very dedicated and kind horseman. He is so diverse in his knowledge of the horse for their care, training, and well being. Brad is a wonderful teacher and coach with high levels of expertise to achieve the maximum goals of riding dressage. He is great at explaining things, and getting the best out of horse and rider with straight forward and kind techniques. I have learned a tremendous amount from him with my riding and training of my horses. I am riding better and my horses are going great. I have stepped up to the next level! Brad is always generous with sharing his experiences.” Janell


Getting Started

Landmark Farms offers a comprehensive program for both horse and rider. We have many training options available. We are able to handle all of your needs whether you would like to improve your position or are aiming for high level FEI competition.
(Read more).

Dressage Training

The key to our success has been finding out how the horse prefers to work, and what makes them happiest. This involves getting them comfortable in their training and, equally important, their mind and body. If your horse is comfortable and happy, they will not only work for you but with you. (Read more).

Wellness and Therapy

Landmark farms offers the greater equine community of horse owners and trainers a unique level of service, that until recently, was unavailable locally.

From high performance equine athletes to back yard pets, we are here to service your needs. Whether your horse requires therapy, rehabilitation, pain management or fitness, our professional and coordinated approach to equine sports medicine will restore your horse to its maximum potential. (Read more).






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