About Us

A Family Enterprise and A Team Effort

Build It and They Will Come

It might sound a little cliché but Landmark Farms truly was built on that idea.

Back in 1983, when our facility was only a dream and a few sketches on a piece of paper, there was no facility in the area that offered the unique quality of care that Landmark farms is so well known for today.

Team effort from every member of the Cutshall family was the key to a positive start. Every one contributed their own insights and expertise toward the project.

Robert Cutshall's strong mechanical engineering background and business experience, Evelyn's eye for detail and passion for horses, Brad's stable management and training skills, and Brett and Brian Cutshall's months and months of intense labor all contributed to a successful and on-time opening in November of 1985.

From Thought to Formation

Keep Growing and They Will Stay

As Brad's education and skills improved, and his reputation as a competitor was clearly established, Landmark Farms changed from a high-end boarding facility into a full fledged dressage training center.

Through regular upgrades to our facility and frequent improvements to our schedules and procedures, Landmark Farms continues our expansion to serve our clients in an ever-improving manner.

We believe successful companies are comprised of individuals that are dedicated and have unique skills, who can function individually and at the same time be part of a team. You will find this in Landmark Farms each and every day.

Our team set the bar high for the standards of care and service in the horse community. We feel that with the addition of modern medical equipment and the implementation of our therapy and lay-up programs we just raised that bar even higher.

We at Landmark farms look forward to serving all of your needs and remain committed to the goal of offering the best health care and education for your equine athlete as well as offering a safe and comfortable environment in which you both can excel.

The magic formula that we have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.

Getting Started

Landmark Farms offers a comprehensive program for both horse and rider. We have many training options available. We are able to handle all of your needs whether you would like to improve your position or are aiming for high level FEI competition.
(Read more).

Dressage Training

The key to our success has been finding out how the horse prefers to work, and what makes them happiest. This involves getting them comfortable in their training and, equally important, their mind and body. If your horse is comfortable and happy, they will not only work for you but with you. (Read more).

Wellness and Therapy

Landmark farms offers the greater equine community of horse owners and trainers a unique level of service, that until recently, was unavailable locally.

From high performance equine athletes to back yard pets, we are here to service your needs. Whether your horse requires therapy, rehabilitation, pain management or fitness, our professional and coordinated approach to equine sports medicine will restore your horse to its maximum potential. (Read more).






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